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How state aid became a Brexit deal-breaker

Tories used to think controls on subsidies were the best thing about Brussels. Now they want to open the spending taps For years only left-wingers like Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, and Bob Crow, a trade-union honcho, were bothered by Europe’s state-aid regime. For Conservative Eurosceptics, it was the best thing about Brussels. Rules prohibiting […]

What Now for Sustainable Trade, the Climate Agenda and the Global Trade System?

Moderator Rem Korteweg, Senior Research Fellow, Clingendael Institute Panellists Geneviève Pons, Director General of the Brussels office, Jacque Delors InstitutePascal Lamy, President Emeritus, Jacques Delors Institute The AIG Global Trade Series 2020 examines the ongoing challenges, opportunities and transformations that are reshaping the world’s multilateral trading system. As politicians and business leaders focus on restoring the […]

WITA Webinar on the Future of the WTO with Amb. Zoellick and Pascal Lamy

On Thursday, September 10, WITA welcomed Pascal Lamy and Robert Zoellick for a discussion of the future of the World Trade Organization. Program Agenda Welcome and Opening Remarks  Kenneth I. Levinson, Executive Director, Washington International Trade Association  Remarks and Discussion Pascal Lamy, President of the Paris Peace Forum, former Director-General of the World Trade Organization and former Trade Commissioner […]

All-out effort needed to learn successful virus response

Funabashi: In the postwar international society, the prevailing view has been that a “good” society is a democracy that achieves economic growth, using gross domestic product as the standard metric. Not only capitalist countries in the West, but also socialist ones in the East, have regarded higher living standards and full employment as ideal. These […]

Induction of India-Japan-Germany-Brazil in UNSC is imperative for future of multilateralism

By Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury, ET Bureau Synopsis NEW DELHI: India, along with Brazil, Germany and Japan, should be inducted into the United Nations Security Council as permanent members for multilateralism to progress. This argument was put forward by Pradeep Mehta, Secretary General of CUTS International, a global public policy think tank on trade, regulations and […]

Umweltbelastende Produkte sollten teurer werden

Retrouver l’intervention de Pascal Lamy sur la télévision autrichienne ORF en marge du Forum européen d’Alpbach. Lien vers la vidéo