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Pascal Lamy on Brexit, European Elections

Européennes 2019 : la campagne n’est “pas vraiment” à la hauteur des enjeux

Friends of Europe’s ‘Vision for Europe’ report led by Pascal Lamy

“Europe will have to behave differently and take the initiative to readjust, reorder and redefine itself. This calls for more resilient, agile institutions and policy coherence.  The EU needs to press the reset button on how it readies itself, adapts and meets the challenges of the early part of this century”

“Les échanges commerciaux ne sont jamais libres”

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Pascal Lamy : “the UK politicians who seek to deliver Brexit face a choice. They can ‘unplug’ or they can ‘unscramble’.”

For Stanley Johnson, former MEP and parliamentary candidate, “Pascal Lamy’s recent speech at to a packed meeting organized by the Henry Jackson Society in Committee Room 9 in the House of Commons, chaired by Suella Braverman, was both invigorating and illuminating.”   Read his full article here.

Forum Nimois Charles Gide – 18 avril 2019 – Mondialisation, trop ou pas assez ?