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Mondialisation, Chine… comment l’équilibre du monde a basculé depuis 30 ans

À l’occasion de son trentième anniversaire, Capital revient sur les réformes et événements qui ont transformé notre économie ces trois dernières décennies. Avènement de la mondialisation, ascension de la Chine, affaiblissement de l’Occident, exacerbation des tensions : les grands équilibres de notre planète ont été bouleversés. Écrit par Philippine ROBERT Où est passé l’optimisme qui […]

Tech Crackdown Is a Cloud Over China Economy, Ex-WTO Chief Says

By Tom Hancock 6 septembre 2021 China’s regulatory efforts to increase control over its technology sector adds another “decoupling engine” to the global economy, which could weigh on Chinese growth prospects, the former head of the World Trade Organization said. Pascal Lamy, who has long-warned of the negative effects of U.S. efforts to “decouple” elements of its economy […]

For all the ‘decoupling’ rhetoric, U.S.-China trade is booming

BY NICHOLAS GORDON For all the talk of deepening tensions between the United States and China, there is one area where relations appear to be ‘business-as-usual’: trade. Official Chinese data show that bilateral trade between the two countries surged in 2021, with China’s exports to and imports from the United States reaching $46.9 billion and $14.3 billion in June respectively. “Trade […]

Former EU trade chief and WTO boss Pascal Lamy expects the EU‘s upcoming tool for foreign subsidies to push China to introduce rules on state aid

Politico Pro – Morning Trade – 29.04.2021 LAMY’S STRATEGY TO DEAL WITH CHINESE SUBSIDIES: Pascal Lamy, a former EU trade commissioner and WTO boss, hopes that with its upcoming anti-subsidies tool, the EU will be able to catch up with the U.S. and push China to finally accept rules governing public subsidies. Great expectations: “Expect […]

Hainan, l’étrange laboratoire libéral de Xi Jinping

Les autorités chinoises ambitionnent de faire de cette île tropicale du sud de la Chine une immense zone capable, à l’horizon 2050, de rivaliser avec les plus grands ports francs actuels. Par Frédéric Lemaître (Hainan, envoyé spécial) Située tout au sud de la Chine, l’île tropicale d’Hainan continue de jouir d’une certaine nonchalance. Dans la banlieue […]

28th April 2021 – Bruegel – CHINA AND THE WTO: (HOW) CAN THEY LIVE TOGETHER?

What changes can be made to make China and the WTO more compatible with each other? At this event we presented “China and the WTO: Why Multilateralism Still Matters” (authored by Petros C. Mavroidis and André Sapir) and discussed China’s participation in the World Trade Organization, the conflicts it has caused, and how WTO reforms […]