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China Development Forum Beijing, Keynote speech Pascal Lamy – Plenary Session

Beijing, China, 24 March 2018 : “Most of us in this room have believed for a long time that, wherever we are on this planet, economic development leads to appease political tensions. That good economies and good politics go together. And now, looking at recent developments, there are reasons to doubt that this remains true: […]

Former WTO chief Pascal Lamy gives Taiwan advice on handling possible trade war

The former chief of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy, believes Taiwan’s best hope for coping with a potential US-China trade war is to protect the multilateral trading system. In Taiwan for an international conference, Lamy warned that Taiwan’s most vulnerable exports were those that ended in the US after being processed in third countries.

Pascal Lamy for International Community Radio Taipei

Pascal Lamy says that Taiwan is a major player in global trade and it could be a risk if the multinational trading system fails.

Pascal Lamy is interviewed by ICRT (International Community Radio Taipei)

About the potential trade war between China and the United States, Pascal Lamy says that Taiwan has good reasons to be worried because it’s depend more on the multilateral trading system.

Pascal Lamy for ICRT (International Community Radio Taipei)

Pascal Lamy, former director of the World Trade Organization, says that Taiwan need to pay more intention to relevant global regulations.

Why is former WTO head betting against China-US trade war?

The Point with Liu Xin has interviewed Pascal Lamy, former director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), to find out his opinions on the possibility of a trade war between China and the US, the rationale behind Donald Trump’s trade restrictions, and WTO’s role in addressing global economic concerns.