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China, EU Urged to Finalize Investment Treaty to Offset Covid-19 Damage

By Lu Zhenhua China and the European Union should conclude their bilateral investment treaty within the year in an effort to boost cross-border investment and offset the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pascal Lamy, former director-general of the World Trade Organization said Monday. Read more:

China Must Take Leadership on Protecting the Environment

Pascal Lamy is a former director-general of the World Trade Organization and currently president of the Paris Peace Forum. The global Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed our way of life, causing hardship, misery and suffering the world over. It has shown how vulnerable our economic system is to these kinds of shockwaves and highlighted the undeniable […]


【财新网】(特约作者 帕斯卡尔·拉米)新冠病毒的全球大流行瘫痪了我们所熟悉的生活方式,造成了全世界范围内的苦难。它向我们揭示了当前的经济体系应对这类冲击的脆弱性,同时病毒大流行也凸显了生物多样性和气候危机之间不可否认的联系。 当我们开始设想一个后新冠病毒的世界时,必须更甚以往地认识到中国参与领导全球环境问题——包括保护海洋——的根本角色和责任,毫无疑问,这个话题也将成为即将召开的全国人民代表大会的一个重要讨论议题。 More to read on :

«’my country first’ or ‘blame the foreigners’ political proclamations are dangerously counterproductive»

Trump’s slur against China earns global censure By ZHANG YUNBI in London and CHEN YINGQUN in Beijing | CHINA DAILY | Updated: 2020-03-21 07:13 United States President Donald Trump’s recent labeling of the novel coronavirus pneumonia pandemic as originating from a “Chinese virus” has triggered widespread backlash from the international community. Officials and commentators worldwide […]

« China has the power to defeat the epidemic »

As the novel coronavirus continued its march across the globe, Pascal Lamy, former director-general of the WTO, sent his own blessings to China, saying that he’s confident that China has the power to defeat the epidemic. Pascal Lamy’s interview here :

Pascal Lamy’s contribution of Chapter 1 on ERIA-UNCTAD joint publication : ‘Regional Integration and NTMs in ASEAN’

This chapter should be cited as : Lamy, P. (2019), ‘NTM in ASEAN Looking Ahead: From Protection to Precaution’, in Ing, L.Y., R. Peters and O. Cadot (eds.), Regional Integration and Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN. Jakarta: ERIA, pp.1─4. CHAPTER 1 NTMs in ASEAN Looking Ahead: From Protection to Precaution The relative importance of tariff measures […]