In an interview to Estadão, Pascal Lamy argued that a multilateral system based on rules has helped to open up trade and promote growth in multiple countries, including Brazil. Read more here :  

Few people have dedicated their careers to expanding international trade and globalism like Pascal Lamy, the former head of the WTO and EU commissioner. But rising rhetoric and increased tariffs between the U.S. and China have him worried, as he tells Rob Cox and Liam Proud in Paris.

Marie-Hélène Bérard was interviewed by BFM Business on the publication “L’Europe face aux sanctions américaines, quelle souveraineté pour l’Europe ?”, co-written with Pascal Lamy, Farid Fatah, Louis Schweitzer and Pierre Vimont : “L’extraterritorialité, c’est l’arme que se donnent certains Etats de décider seuls pour le reste du monde. De manière unilatérale, un Etat décide de […]

Pascal Lamy gave an interview to Le Grand Continent to discuss the european challenges to come and the rise of neo-nationalism : “Ils investissent l’Europe de leurs rêves identitaires […], combin[ons] une narration européenne avec les enjeux du monde contemporain.”

At the Casa Arabe de Madrid, in collaboration with the Fundacion Felipe Gonzalez, Pascal Lamy presented his report Las personas y el planeta como prioridad: una nueva agenda para el proceso global, a 15 point plan to identify progressist solutions to socio-economic problems. Adressing El Pais, he argued for a reajustement of governing systems and […]

Pascal Lamy intervened at the 12th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference on “Trade and Investment Ecosystems: Delivering for Growth” with a focus on how an ecosystem approach could add value for small businesses and the implications this approach would have for the future direction of TIPOs.