For Pascal Lamy, “aucun pays ne va donner au Royaume-Uni, qui dispose d’un marché de 60 millions de consommateurs, les mêmes avantages qu’a l’UE, qui en a presque dix fois plus. En matière d’échanges, ce qui compte, c’est la taille.” Read the article here :

According to Pascal Lamy, “I would not have said that six months ago and I was among those who believed that the odds of a new referendum were extremely low but I think they’re clearly higher now. But of course for such a scenario to appear there has to be a ‘stop the clock’ between the […]

Selon Pascal Lamy, “la question de savoir si les codes que pratiquent les Chinois dans l’économie sont compatibles avec la globalisation telle qu’elle est organisée aujourd’hui n’est pas du tout une question bilatérale, mais il est vrai que Trump est pour le moment celui qui, en général pour de mauvaises raisons, a mis un assez […]

In his first visit to CEIBS Shanghai Campus since joining the school as a Distinguished Professor, former Director-General of the WTO Pascal Lamy shared his views on the US-China trade dispute, calls for reforming the WTO, as well as the roles China & Europe will play in globalisation.

For Pascal Lamy at the Third Understanding China Conference : “the right approach is to sit around the table and discuss how the rules of WTO can be modernized and updated”. Read more here :