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APEC Forum : “What unites us is the belief that open trade is the way to go”

The global market offers the chance to create a new, open trading system for the digital economy as e-commerce emerges across the world – but only if Canada and its partners can master how to make compatible “the three kingdoms” of the digital scene in the coming years. That was the view of former World […]

Conflits commerciaux : contexte géoéconomique et géopolitique

Colloque Interaxions Paris 18 octobre Nous traversons une période de turbulences en matière d’ouverture des échanges internationaux ; remarquez que je ne dis pas en « matière de libre-échange », parce que c’est une expression que j’ai banni de mon vocabulaire il y a trente ans car cette expression ne veut rien dire de concret. […]

Brexit and the next EU-UK trade deal – Pascal Lamy on LBC


Keynote speech of Pascal Lamy at the Opening Day of the T4SD Forum in Geneva

Mr. Lamy took the stand as special high-level keynote speaker on Opening Day of the Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) Forum on 7 October 2019 at ITC Headquarters in Geneva. It was an ideal opportunity to reflect on the state of trade and multilateralism, and the complexities of greening trade.  

“The UK-EU trade deal will not be an ordinary one”

According to Pascal Lamy, the next UK-EU trade deal might take less time to conclude than traditional trade deals. He explains that “ordinary deals are about reducing obstacles to trade to get more open trade, [but] this one will be very different and probably easier because we will do exactly the reverse”. In fact, in this […]

Les États-Unis prêts à taxer les produits européens

Pour Pascal Lamy, “c’est une histoire sans fin sauf si on reconnait de chaque côté la vérité, qui est qu’on a besoin de soutiens publics. Car, sinon, on ne s’engage pas dans des programmes d’investissement aussi lourds et aussi risqués.”