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„Europa ist international schwach“: Ex-WTO-Chef Lamy im TT-Interview

Das europäische Zivilisationsmodell dient global weiterhin als Vorbild, sagt Pascal Lamy, Ex-WTO-Chef und Präsident des Paris Peace Forum. Um es zu schützen, brauche es aber weitere Integrationsschritte. In welchem Zustand ist die Welt heute? Pascal Lamy: In einem schlechteren als vor ein paar Jahren; und damals war der Zustand auch nicht großartig. Wir haben eine breite […]

Talking Foreign Affairs with Adil Cader, E12: Pascal Lamy

Former World Trade Organization (WTO) Director General, Pascal Lamy, joins Adil Cader to talk about the future of International Trade and WTO Reform.

Tech Crackdown Is a Cloud Over China Economy, Ex-WTO Chief Says

By Tom Hancock 6 septembre 2021 China’s regulatory efforts to increase control over its technology sector adds another “decoupling engine” to the global economy, which could weigh on Chinese growth prospects, the former head of the World Trade Organization said. Pascal Lamy, who has long-warned of the negative effects of U.S. efforts to “decouple” elements of its economy […]

Europe’s glory days of trade deals are over

Striking accords worldwide is a core EU competence but it’s never been so politically toxic. by Barbara Moens·1 HOUR AGO· 10 MINUTE READ Striking trade deals is only getting tougher for the EU. Under previous European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Brussels’ trade negotiators were on a deal-making roll, concluding or signing landmark pacts with Canada, Japan, Vietnam, […]

Pascal Lamy : « La Zlecaf est la meilleure manière de sortir de ce que le colonialisme a légué de pire à l’Afrique… »

L’ancien directeur général de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce (2005-2013) revient, pour La Tribune Afrique, sur la croissance économique du continent africain aux prises avec le défi démographique et la Covid-19, et sur l’opérationnalisation de la zone de libre-échange continentale africaine (Zlecaf) en passe de transformer, en profondeur, les échanges entre l’Afrique et le reste du […]

For all the ‘decoupling’ rhetoric, U.S.-China trade is booming

BY NICHOLAS GORDON For all the talk of deepening tensions between the United States and China, there is one area where relations appear to be ‘business-as-usual’: trade. Official Chinese data show that bilateral trade between the two countries surged in 2021, with China’s exports to and imports from the United States reaching $46.9 billion and $14.3 billion in June respectively. “Trade […]