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Former EU trade chief Pascal Lamy and researchers from the Europe Jacques Delors think tank slammed how Brussels approaches sustainable development through trade, in a paper published Friday. Lots to unpack: The authors criticize green promises in EU trade deals as “too weak”; they call the dispute settlement mechanism for sustainable development chapters in EU FTAs “not effective […]

‘China Shock’ Still Shakes World Grappling With Trade’s Future

By Bryce Baschuk and Enda Curran4 décembre 2021, 22:00 UTC+1 Twenty years after China’s ascent into the World Trade Organization, governments around the world are grappling with how to handle the exporting juggernaut for the next two decades. While it’s largely agreed even by those who brought China into the global trading tent that its entry hasn’t played […]

Pascal Lamy: en crise, “l’OMC est handicapée mais pas paralysée”

L’Organisation mondiale du commerce (OMC) est en crise, et l’annulation de sa réunion ministérielle pour cause de variant Omicron n’arrange pas les choses. Son ancien directeur Pascal Lamy refuse cependant de parler de paralysie. L’économie mondiale s’était fortement redressée après la première phase de la pandémie, au point de provoquer des pénuries et de l’inflation. […]

Interview – Pascal Lamy : «Les Etats-Unis donnent l’impression de ne plus vouloir de l’OMC»

Le haut fonctionnaire français qui a dirigé durant huit ans l’Organisation mondiale du commerce revient sur les tensions qui la mettent en péril. Selon lui, si les Américains tentés par le protectionnisme ne reviennent pas à la table des discussions, il faut «imaginer un système pour avancer sans eux, mais avec les Chinois». par Anne-Sophie Lechevallierpublié […]

Politico Trade newsletter – Europe

EU-LATIN AMERICA MEETING TODAY: Top politicians from the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean are set to meet virtually today. The high-level meeting isn’t set to focus on trade, with agenda topics ranging from the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic to the green transition, digital agendas and fighting inequalities. But we’ll still be watching since it’s […]

WTO Future Grows Cloudier in a World Torn By Covid: Supply Lines

By Bryce Baschuk(Bloomberg) — On the grounds of the World Trade Organization’s headquarters in Geneva sits a traditional Chinese garden with a stone gate that bears the inscription: “A glimpse of hope in a time of despair.”A gift from Beijing in less volatile times, it’s a fitting slogan at a moment when the WTO’s plan […]