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China joining the WTO : “overall, it was a good day for the rest of the world”

In a recent interview with China Daily in Brussels, Lamy dismissed some opinions voiced in the US that it was a bad idea to let China join the WTO. “Of course it was a good idea-a good idea and it has worked extremely well,” said Lamy, a French national who has also served as European […]

Ex-WTO-Chef Pascal Lamy: „Donald Trump ist das Problem“

US-Präsident Donald Trump hat gerade den Handelskrieg mit China eskaliert. Was halten Sie davon? Pascal Lamy: Wir haben ein Problem mit dem Welthandelssystem, und das heißt Trump. Nicht, dass es davor ein Paradies gewesen wäre. Wir haben bei der Offenheit des Handels noch einen Weg zu gehen, und es haben nicht immer alle davon profitiert. Aber […]

“Le G7 n’est qu’une alliance assez minoritaire de démocraties dans le monde contemporain”

Pour Pascal Lamy, “aujourd’hui, beaucoup de choses qui se déroulent dans le monde se passent autour de la table du G20, qui comprend la Chine et un certain nombre de grands pays émergents.”

Les Rencontres économiques in Singapore – New Horizons for the World Economy

The U.S. will suffer if it quits the WTO

For Pascal Lamy, “there will be a huge cost for the U.S. economy. For instance, they will lose the protection of the WTO agreement that protect the U.S. intellectual property worldwide. U.S. intellectual property would only be enforced within the U.S. territory, that will be huge damage for U.S. economy,” Watch the full interview : […]

Can the WTO pull itself out of the abyss?

Pascal Lamy at the Center for China and Globalization in Beijing, China, March 25, 2019 :  “the multilateral trading system has been shaken in a totally unprecedented way. […] The U.S.-China geopolitical rivalry is a permanent issue.”