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Addressing the new challenges of globalization is not about moving back to unilateralism or confrontation. On the contrary, it will imply new forms of cooperation.

Some believe globalization is a solution to the world’s problems, while others claim that its political, economic and social impact is largely negative. Technology and ideology have been the most significant influences on globalization over the past decade. Technological progress has altered economic trends, promoted exchange between different countries, and diversified and localized production in […]

« There’s a long way ahead for globalization, and its negative impacts can be eliminated, and dividends can be shared »

World needs to tackle problems amid process of economic globalization By Zhong Sheng “Economic confrontations” and “domestic political polarization” are considered the top risks this year by the Global Risks Report 2020 recently issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The report holds that 2020 is going to be a year that sees severer polarization and […]

“Overall the EU has been too hesitant to counter US Trump-led destabilizing offensives”

Pascal Lamy, president emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute and former WTO head, joins us to answer three blunt questions. In retrospect, would you have done anything differently at the WTO that could have put it in a different position now, with criticisms that it is sliding towards irrelevance? I should have rung George W […]

“Le capitalisme creuse les inégalités”

Il a dirigé l’Organisation mondiale du commerce. Pascal Lamy porte un regard sur les soubresauts du monde, vingt ans après les grandes manifestations des altermondialistes contre la mondialisation des échanges.. Read more

Les États-Unis prêts à taxer les produits européens

Pour Pascal Lamy, “c’est une histoire sans fin sauf si on reconnait de chaque côté la vérité, qui est qu’on a besoin de soutiens publics. Car, sinon, on ne s’engage pas dans des programmes d’investissement aussi lourds et aussi risqués.”

Conflit Airbus/Boeing : “Une absurdité”

C’est un record : l’OMC (organisation mondiale du commerce) autorise les États-Unis à taxer des produits européens pour 7,5 milliards de dollars (6,8 milliards d’euros). Des mesures de représailles : depuis 2004, Washington reproche à l’Europe de subventionner illégalement Airbus. Invité éco de franceinfo, Pascal Lamy pointe “l’absurdité” de cette situation. Pour l’ancien directeur général de l’OMC, la situation […]