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Voulez-vous sauver les océans, les lacs et les rivières ?

C’est la question que l’Europe pose à ses citoyens et que relaye Armorscience, à Lannion (Côtes-d’Armor), afin qu’un maximum d’habitants en prennent connaissance. La Commission européenne lance cinq grandes missions pour la décennie. L’une d’elles vise à restaurer notre océan et notre milieu aquatique. Présidée par l’ancien commissaire européen Pascal Lamy, cette mission Starfish 2030 s’appuie sur […]

France launches citizen survey on the Mission Area Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters

A new survey asks French citizens to describe the role and importance of the ocean and waters in their life. The outcomes will be presented during a citizen consultation event on 5 December 2020 with Mission Board Chair, Pascal Lamy, and feed into the preparation work for the EU Mission on Ocean, seas and waters. […]

Environnement. Voulez-vous sauver les océans, les lacs et les rivières ?

C’est la question que l’Europe pose à ses habitant à travers une enquête. En y répondant, vous pouvez contribuer à restaurer la qualité de l’eau d’ici à 2030, assure Pascal Lamy qui dirige la mission. Avec Geneviève Pons, membre de la mission Étoile de mer, et FrançoisHoullier, président et directeur général d’Ifremer. Protéger l’océan est […]

Stop funding over fishing – Prove that environment and trade can work hand-in-hand

25 reasons to reach a deal In its 25th year, the WTO has the opportunity to herald a new and better era for people and the planet, and in doing so, reach an SDG 14 target before its deadline. WTO negotiators have 25 working days between the start of the third meeting cluster on Monday, […]


Europe unveils targets for hyped research ‘missions’

By Nicholas WallaceSep. 22, 2020 , 4:30 AM The European Union today revealed proposed objectives for its much-hyped “missions,” which will concentrate research funding on tackling problems in five broad areas: cancer, adapting to climate change, carbon-neutral cities, healthy waters, and soil health. The missions could receive hundreds of millions of euros per year from Horizon […]

A moonshot mission for the ocean

It’s often said that we know more about the surface of the moon than the ocean floor. With a focus on ‘moonshoots’ for research funding, it’s hoped that the European Union’s new research and innovation programme will use the kind of approach that lead to the first moon landings to deliver action on critical challenges […]