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Europe unveils targets for hyped research ‘missions’

By Nicholas WallaceSep. 22, 2020 , 4:30 AM The European Union today revealed proposed objectives for its much-hyped “missions,” which will concentrate research funding on tackling problems in five broad areas: cancer, adapting to climate change, carbon-neutral cities, healthy waters, and soil health. The missions could receive hundreds of millions of euros per year from Horizon […]

A moonshot mission for the ocean

It’s often said that we know more about the surface of the moon than the ocean floor. With a focus on ‘moonshoots’ for research funding, it’s hoped that the European Union’s new research and innovation programme will use the kind of approach that lead to the first moon landings to deliver action on critical challenges […]

Forum Mondial de la Mer – Bizerte : L’art de plonger dans un monde immersif en 3D autour de la mer

Dans cette période post-Covid, alors que les voyages internationaux et les grands rassemblements sont encore restreints, la 3ème édition du Forum Mondial de la Mer – Bizerte se tiendra entièrement virtuellement le 15 juillet 2020, avec une particularité de taille :  un Forum immersif permettant de se déplacer dans les espaces du Forum en 3D. Ce nouveau format du Forum Mondial de la Mer […]

The Future of the World Ocean: The Economy and Environmental Issues

The online discussion on the environmental threats to the World Ocean will be held on 8 June 2020 in honour of World Oceans Day with former Director-General of the World Trade Organization (2005–2013) Pascal Lamy. More information:

“It is very difficult to explain to a fish that there is a border whereas you can do that to a human and a lorry driver”

Fishing: Why it is the first flashpoint issue in EU-UK trade talks Donegal industry fears Irish boats losing the right to fish lucrative British waters. Michael Cavanagh stands on the quayside in Killybegs, Ireland’s largest fishing harbour. He points at a docked trawler in Co Donegal port to give a sense of how large his […]

Introduction by Pascal Lamy at the PEEC International Seminar in Papeete (20th to 22nd January 2020)

How to fight the negative impact of tourism in high density tourist zones I will be speaking not only in my PEEC capacity, but also as Chair of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics, which sits by the UNWTO in Madrid. The purpose of this committee is to advocate, monitor, interpret and apply what used […]