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A European Border Carbon Adjustment proposal (Europe Jacques Delors)

Please find below the webinair of presentation of the “a european border carbon adjustment proposal”

E.U. proposes $825 billion coronavirus rescue plan giving Brussels power to raise money for first time

By Michael Birnbaum and Loveday Morris  BRUSSELS — European Union leaders on Wednesday proposed an $825 billion coronavirus rescue plan that would give Brussels major new tax and spending powers of the sort held by a federal state. Proponents are calling it Europe’s “Hamiltonian moment,” after the 1790 agreement, engineered by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, that […]

“This is not the end of globalisation”

‘Precautionism’ will likely leave the world more fragmented, argues Pascal Lamy, but the US push to ‘re-shore’ will not stop cross-border trade elsewhere. The massive economic crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic will change globalisation as we knew it — but it will still be globalisation, argues Pascal Lamy, the former director-general of the World […]

Mondialisation : la relocalisation des entreprises en France imposera de « payer plus cher »

Quelle mondialisation après la crise du Covid-19 ? Au moment où la pénurie de masques nous a rappelé combien nous dépendions d’autres pays, à commencer par le Chine, les questions sont nombreuses. Mercredi 20 mai, la commission des Affaires économiques du Sénat a eu deux heures pour plancher sur le sujet avec Jean-Pierre Raffarin, ancien […]

« It is evident that the sector’s engagement goes beyond symbolic CSR actions »

Tourism players going extra mile to lift virus-hit communities   By TTG Asia / Posted on 19 May, 2020 11:06 Employers from across global tourism are going beyond the call of duty in supporting their workers and communities, research carried out into the sector’s response to Covid-19 has found. The study, conducted by the World […]

‘The Globalization of Fear Is Not the Fear of Globalization’

By Pierre Briançon , May 20, 2020 5:31 am ET The massive economic crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic will change globalization as we knew it — but it will still be globalization, argues Pascal Lamy, the former Director-General of the World Trade Organization, in a Barron’s interview. In large parts of the world, he notes, […]