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« Trump croit, en économie (comme ailleurs), à la loi du plus fort »

TRIBUNE DANS LE MONDE: Si l’Amérique veut détruire le commerce multilatéral, Européens et Chinois devront faire cause commune, pour éviter cette menace, explique l’ex-directeur général de l’OMC.

SOE reform over China’s opening-up

Chinese President Xi Jinping re-assured the markets about China’s commitment to opening up during a speech this week at the Boao Forum for Asia, but China’s vast state economy could be a major problem for the effort.

China’s 161 trillion yuan state-asset watchdog says more M&As to come

[SHANGHAI] China will further overhaul its bloated state enterprises and push for mergers in sectors such as power and coal, which are plagued by zombie firms, bankruptcy and debt defaults, according to the head of the agency that oversees state assets valued at US$26 trillion.

Ex-WTO Chief Lamy: If China wants to open its car market, it has to do two things

By CGTN’s World Insight China will actively expand imports, significantly lower the import tariffs for vehicles and reduce import tariffs for some other products this year as it aims to open up its market further, said Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference on Tuesday. Foreign investors and leaders welcomed […]

Les think tanks mondiaux regardent la Chine: Pascal Lamy parle du Forum de Boao pour promouvoir la mondialisation

Pascal Lamy est interviewé par la Chaîne de Télévision chinoise CCTV pour répondre à des questions sur la mondialisation à travers le Forum de Boao.

China Development Forum Beijing, Keynote speech Pascal Lamy – Plenary Session

Beijing, China, 24 March 2018 : “Most of us in this room have believed for a long time that, wherever we are on this planet, economic development leads to appease political tensions. That good economies and good politics go together. And now, looking at recent developments, there are reasons to doubt that this remains true: […]