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«’my country first’ or ‘blame the foreigners’ political proclamations are dangerously counterproductive»

Trump’s slur against China earns global censure By ZHANG YUNBI in London and CHEN YINGQUN in Beijing | CHINA DAILY | Updated: 2020-03-21 07:13 United States President Donald Trump’s recent labeling of the novel coronavirus pneumonia pandemic as originating from a “Chinese virus” has triggered widespread backlash from the international community. Officials and commentators worldwide […]

« China has the power to defeat the epidemic »

As the novel coronavirus continued its march across the globe, Pascal Lamy, former director-general of the WTO, sent his own blessings to China, saying that he’s confident that China has the power to defeat the epidemic. Pascal Lamy’s interview here :

Pascal Lamy’s contribution of Chapter 1 on ERIA-UNCTAD joint publication : ‘Regional Integration and NTMs in ASEAN’

This chapter should be cited as : Lamy, P. (2019), ‘NTM in ASEAN Looking Ahead: From Protection to Precaution’, in Ing, L.Y., R. Peters and O. Cadot (eds.), Regional Integration and Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN. Jakarta: ERIA, pp.1─4. CHAPTER 1 NTMs in ASEAN Looking Ahead: From Protection to Precaution The relative importance of tariff measures […]

Addressing the new challenges of globalization is not about moving back to unilateralism or confrontation. On the contrary, it will imply new forms of cooperation.

Some believe globalization is a solution to the world’s problems, while others claim that its political, economic and social impact is largely negative. Technology and ideology have been the most significant influences on globalization over the past decade. Technological progress has altered economic trends, promoted exchange between different countries, and diversified and localized production in […]

« Trump has a point: the rules on international trade need to be changed »

Donald Trump muốn cải tổ hay “xóa sổ” Tổ Chức Thương Mại Thế Giới ? Vietnamese version :ốc-tế/20191217-donald-trump-muốn-cải-tổ-hay-xóa-sổ-tổ-chức-thương-mại-thế-giới English Version : Over the past quarter century, world trade has grown strongly, but the WTO has been slowly transitioning and adapting. After joining the organization in 2001, China quickly took advantage of the favorable conditions of […]

“Phase one deal is small compared to the damage of the trade war”

On China–U.S. trade war China and the United States have agreed on the text of phase one economic and trade agreement, but Pascal Lamy said this phase one deal means a small result compared to damage made by the trade war. He reiterated that over the past year, the trade spat between China and the […]