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Où va le monde ? Free market or forced market

– > back cover: The book opposes and weaves together two different interpretations of the recent turbulences in global and local politics and tries to answer the question whether or not geopolitics are taking their revenge over geoeconomics after a few decades of overall positive globalization and European integration. On the one side a […]

Foreword to China’s belt and Road Initiative and the Baltic Sea Region – An entrepreneurial Perspective

Trade and investment are at the core of China-Europe relationship and China’s New Silk Road initiative adds new a new dimension to the interaction between the two partners.

Foreword to Innovation takes off – Clean Sky, European research for aeronautics

Summary : Global air transport is experiencing a steady growth, which is forecasted to continue over the coming years and decades. The aeronautical industry is a key sector of the European economy in a highly competitive international context. In order to ensure the environmental sustainability of this growth, while strengthening Europe’s place among the worldwide […]

Forewords to China’s historical choice in Global Governance

In today’s tribe of internationalists, my good friend He Yafei is no ordinary pundit. Having spent part of his career in the engine room of various multilateral diplomatic postings, he knows how the system works. Having also served as a deck officer, assessing the force and the direction of the economic and political winds and […]

Quand la France s’éveillera

« Inviter les Français à regarder le monde tel qu’il est ; leur montrer que le monde est moins une menace qu’une chance ; les convaincre qu’ils ont tous les atouts à condition de briser le prisme à travers lequel ils lisent le monde et que briser ce prisme ne signifie pas renoncer aux spécificités […]

The Geneva Consensus: making trade work for all

As Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy chaired the Doha Round of negotiations and witnessed a rapidly changing international trade environment. In his first book since leaving the WTO, Lamy reflects on his time there and outlines his views on the significance of open trade in generating global economic growth, reducing poverty and […]