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LEAK: EU’s carbon border tariff to target steel, cement, power

By Kira Taylor | with Reuters The European Union plans to impose carbon emission costs on imports of goods, including steel, cement and electricity, according to leaked documents obtained by EURACTIV. The European Commission is due to propose its carbon border adjustment mechanism on July 14, a move designed to put EU firms on an equal footing […]

La encrucijada de la nueva PAC: proteger la biodiversidad y a los pequeños agricultores

El PE pide una ley para preservar el 30% de las zonas terrestres y marítimas de la UE. De estar al borde de la extinción con 94 ejemplares en 2002 hasta los más de 1.110 actuales, la historia del lince ibérico, uno de los felinos más amenazados del mundo, es también la del triunfo de […]

Transition to a greener economy needs to accelerate – but how?

Key pressure facing businesses and governments is the pace of required action Cliff Taylor The potential economic cost of climate warming is by now undeniable. The lack of sufficiently rapid action internationally to deal with this may in part reflect the fact that the worst risks are some way off. But part of the problem […]

Carbon border tax would be a climate change ‘persuader’

Common feature of all proposals is a substantial tax on emissions from fossil fuels John FitzGerald Climate change is a policy challenge unlike most others, because success will require a global effort in a sphere which will bring significant upfront costs for each economy. And, although the world will benefit in the future from concerted policy […]

Take part in the 2021 Paris Peace Forum Spring Meeting

JOIN US LIVE ON 17 MAY, 17:00 – 19:45 CEST / Paris time Helping bridge the North-South divide on critical challenges: vaccines, debt, climate After three successful editions gathering 25 000 participants, 125 heads of state and government, and 333 projects, the Paris Peace Forum is entering a new phase. In addition to being an annual event, […]

IFPRI seminar 26 Apr 2021 – Evolving factors shaping trade in agriculture and food

Points made by Pascal Lamy Intro: July 2008: ag ssc rejection by the US was the straw that broke the DDA camelback 13 years later: ag nowhere to be seen in the WTO big agenda what happened? has trade in ag become irrelevant? have soldiers left the battleground?  no, none of these; as Jo Swinnen […]