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LBC Radio – 21.03.2021 Astrazeneca and Europe

Pascal Lamy was interviewed by Andrew Castle

Morning Trade: Extraterritorial sanctions

PASCAL LAMY: EUROPE SHOULD GET TOUGHER ON EXTRATERRITORIAL SANCTIONS: There’s growing political support, especially in France and Germany, for the idea that the European Union should be more effective in countering extraterritorial sanctions from the United States in order to be able to trade independently with countries such as Iran or even China, where the U.S. […]

Colloque 18.03.2021 Assemblée Nationale – “Europe Urgence, Europe Espoir”

Pascal Lamy a participé le jeudi 18 mars 2021 à un Colloque organisé par la Commission des Affaires européennes de l’Assemblée nationale en partenariat avec l’Institut Jacques Delors et la Fondation Robert Schuman. L’UNIVERSALITÉ DU MODÈLE EUROPÉEN APPARTIENT-ELLE AU PASSÉ ? Pour revoir le débat sur le site de l’assemblée nationale Présidente: Christine VERGER, vice-Présidente […]

High-Level Group of Personalities on Africa-Europe Relations

The established High-Level Group of Personalities represents the steering group of the Africa Europe Foundation, providing the political and strategic orientations for the work of the Foundation; it is composed of representatives of the founding organisations, the established High-Level Group members as well as co-chairs of the Africa Europe Strategy Groups (ex-officio) affiliated to the […]

Good Morning Business – Lundi 15 mars

Pascal Lamy était l’invité de BFM Business le lundi 15 mars 2021. Pour revoir le replay, site de BFM Business

Pascal Lamy for N1: Great mistake was done in the Balkans

Europe is like a tanker, big, solid, reliable, and its direction is quite subject to change, but it is still a bit slow when it has to manoeuvre, said Pascal Lamy, former WTO director-general and current president of the Paris Peace Forum, in an exclusive interview with N1. When it comes to the Western Balkans, […]