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The U.S. will suffer if it quits the WTO

For Pascal Lamy, “there will be a huge cost for the U.S. economy. For instance, they will lose the protection of the WTO agreement that protect the U.S. intellectual property worldwide. U.S. intellectual property would only be enforced within the U.S. territory, that will be huge damage for U.S. economy,” Watch the full interview : […]

Can the WTO pull itself out of the abyss?

Pascal Lamy at the Center for China and Globalization in Beijing, China, March 25, 2019 :  “the multilateral trading system has been shaken in a totally unprecedented way. […] The U.S.-China geopolitical rivalry is a permanent issue.”

“La Chine est un acteur majeur de la gouvernance mondiale”

PARIS, 15 mars (Xinhua) — Dans un entretien récemment accordé à Xinhua, l’ancien directeur général de l’OMC Pascal Lamy, devenu président du Forum de Paris sur la Paix, déclare que “la Chine est un acteur majeur de la gouvernance mondiale”. Face aux menaces qui pèsent sur le multilatéralisme, “la coopération franco-chinoise doit s’inscrire dans le […]

Watch the Paris Peace Forum seminar addressing issues of international trade disruptions : “Trading trade off – the Spillover risk”

Pascal Lamy; Chair of the Paris Peace Forum Steering Committee thinks Polylateral Governance is the way forward

We have a growing global governance deficit. On the one side exists rising global challenges (such as climate change or cybersecurity), on the other remains decreasing international cooperation and threats to multilateralism. Not that global governance should be thought of as a global version of local governance. It is inevitably much more difficult than local […]

Pascal Lamy at the 12th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference in Paris

Pascal Lamy intervened at the 12th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference on “Trade and Investment Ecosystems: Delivering for Growth” with a focus on how an ecosystem approach could add value for small businesses and the implications this approach would have for the future direction of TIPOs.