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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala seule en lice pour prendre la tête de l’OMC

La candidate nigériane serait, en cas de désignation, la première femme à diriger l’Organisation mondiale du commerce. Par Laurence Caramel et Julien Bouissou Publié le 06 février 2021 à 08h49 La voie est libre. Seule candidate à briguer le poste de directeur général de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce (OMC) après le retrait, vendredi 5 février au matin, de sa […]

Pascal Lamy : “L’Europe est la seule échelle pertinente face aux Etats-Unis et à la Chine”

Pascal Lamy était l’invité d’Ali Baddou le samedi 6 février 2021 sur France Inter dans l’émission “Le grand face-à-face” Lien pour entendre le podcast sur le site de France Inter

Multilateral Cooperation for Global Recovery

Feb 3, 2021EMMANUEL MACRON, ANGELA MERKEL, MACKY SALL, ANTÓNIO GUTERRES, CHARLES MICHEL, URSULA VON DER LEYEN We should not be afraid of a post-pandemic world that will not be the same as the status quo ante. We should embrace it and use all appropriate fora and available opportunities to make it a better world by advancing the cause of international […]


“By tradition, by history, by culture, by philosophy, the model of the way of life in Europe is better for people, better for nature.” “It’s a question of whether we have the three ingredients of global influence: namely weight, ambition and know-how.” — Pascal Lamy At a time of Brexit, political uncertainties in many continental […]

Why Europe? Podcast | The crisis of democracy and governance

Link to listen to the podcast “I think by tradition, by history, by culture, by philosophy, the model of the way of life in Europe is in a way better for people, better for nature ,at least in the concept we have of what’s good and bad, than in the rest of the world.” — Pascal […]

“We should understand the frustrations of Central European countries”

Despite marked differences between Western and Central Eastern European countries regarding issues of the rule of law and migration policy, the French politician and former Director-General of the WTO Pascal Lamy remains convinced of a fundamental common European identity. He argues that the West should understand cultural and historic differences and the frustrations of Central […]