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Podcast – Trade for Peace: A Conversation with Mr. Pascal Lamy

In this episode, former WTO Director-General, Pascal Lamy in conversation with host Axel M. Addy, tells the audience how trade opening, regional economic integration and aid for trade are pathways to economic prosperity for long-lasting peace. After introducing the innovative approach being undertaken by the Paris Peace Forum to promote peace, he shares his views […]

Invité La Matinale Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) – 21 mars 2021 – Vers une taxe carbone aux frontières de l’UE

Pascal Lamy était l’invité de La Matinale sur la Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) le mercredi 21 mars 2021 Vers une taxe carbone aux frontières de l’UE La pièce maîtresse de la réponse européenne au défi climatique est l’idée d’une taxe carbone aux frontières de l’UE, et le projet se précise. Bruxelles doit le présenter en […]

Op-ed Pascal Lamy: Chinese Leadership Needed to Protect Antarctica’s Southern Ocean

A year has passed since I published a piece in Cai Xin highlighting the opportunity for China to take leadership in 2020 on climate and biodiversity protection in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean. Since then, the year did not unfold quite as planned (to put it lightly). Many of us are still in the grips of this […]

European-style carbon taxes destined to spread, says former trade chief

By Nick O’Malley April 17, 2021 Angus Taylor is against it and Scott Morrison might insist that Australian policy will not be set in Brussels, but according to one of its key architects the European carbon tariff is not only all but inevitable, but fair and reasonable too. The tariff, which would hit energy intensive imports […]


ON Sunday January 3, 2016, David Jesopp penned his column in this newspaper, under the caption, “Is the Doha round at an end?”. It was a remarkable question coming so soon after the World Trade  Organization (WTO) concluded its 10th Ministerial Conference weeks earlier (in December 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya) with little or no headway […]

Business Monday: no more special treatment

SPECIAL and Differential Treatment (SDT) – one of the demands Barbados and other developing countries have been pressing for within the Global Round of trade negotiations – will no longer be considered. That’s because it will no longer be part of the trade agenda going forward. SDT was promoted by developing countries, mainly the Small and Vulnerable […]