According to Pascal Lamy, “the WTO is not where it should be in order to discipline properly trade practices.”   Watch the interview here :

Pascal Lamy discussed european budgetary rules on France Inter. Asked about the link between the discontent expressed by the yellow vests movement and the european 3% deficit rule, Pascal Lamy reminded that these numbers were not set in stone and “on ne peut pas augmenter les recettes publiques et ensuite dire que les impôts augmentent […]

Pascal Lamy participated in a panel of nine experts to discuss the convergence of the European Socialist Party’s proposed commercial policy for Europe. Read the article here :  

Pascal Lamy, spokesperson for the Mo Ibrahim Foundation commented the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG). The Foundation published its yearly bulletin which presents data collected on African governance. “Le principal enseignement, c’est qu’en règle générale, l’amélioration de la gouvernance se poursuit lentement.” Read the article here :