Pascal Lamy reacts to Iain Duncan’s views on Brexit, “with respect I was director general of the WTO for eight years of my life, which has something to do with customs procedures. This notion that exiting the internal market implies no border on Ireland is pie in the sky. There is no way that you […]

“My view is that we may have made the wrong choice in deciding that we would negotiate first the Withdrawal Agreement – which is a sort of divorce agreement – and then the rest.[…] I know full well from experience that negotiating a trade agreement takes years and years, so I understand why they couldn’t […]

Common sense has at last prevailed. The UK parliament has rejected the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and stepped back from the cliff edge. But while the limited extension of the article 50 timetable postpones the threat of no deal until the end of October, it does not remove it. Unless parliament can reach agreement […]

“China’s Foreign Investment Law is in the right direction. Investing in China should be less cumbersome than in the past. So it should be facilitated. […] We have to wait and see how the implementation goes, but I think it brings the playing field more leveled and for this reason, I think it’s a good […]