Here’s how the man who ran the World Trade Organization makes his toughest decisions

Pascal Lamy, chair of the Paris Peace Project, shares his career-defining lightbulb moments in CNBC Make It’s “My Biggest Lessons.”03:356 hours ago

Difficult decision-making is a mainstay of the job when you’ve held the powerful roles Pascal Lamy has over the years. 

In addition to his eight years as director-general of the World Trade Organization, Lamy held senior positions in the European Commission and French government. 

Somewhat surprisingly, however, Lamy’s process for making tough decisions is relatively simple. 

“Have values,” Lamy told CNBC Make It. “Make up your mind about what you believe is good or bad and stick to this value chain when you have to take tough decisions in life.” 

Lamy’s values have also informed career moves, including his most recent appointment as chair of the Paris Peace Forum, a French non-profit focused on finding solutions for the world’s problems. 

“Make sure you regularly take stock, in order to know whether or not you are on the road which you have decided to embark on,” he added.

Link to the interview on CNBC