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London betrays NI unionists seeking an alibi in Brussels

 by Catherine McQueeny Brexit and subsequent dealings have, as predicted, created a new slew of issues in Northern Ireland. As the NI protocol begins to take shape, identity politics have been rebuilt and tensions are rising. Madrid(Brussels Morning) July 12th has come and gone this week, but it is hardly just another day in Northern Ireland, it […]

How the Brexit deal was done — and what happens next

As businesses adapt to the UK’s new trade deal with the EU, negotiators on both sides reveal what really happened George Parker, Peter Foster, Sam Fleming and Jim Brunsden The Brexit denouement had finally arrived. As the year drew to a close, Boris Johnson stood triumphant in the House of Commons and proclaimed the rebirth of Britain as “an […]


“By tradition, by history, by culture, by philosophy, the model of the way of life in Europe is better for people, better for nature.” “It’s a question of whether we have the three ingredients of global influence: namely weight, ambition and know-how.” — Pascal Lamy At a time of Brexit, political uncertainties in many continental […]

«On retrouve dans l’accord du Brexit les lacunes et les insuffisances actuelles de l’UE»

ENTRETIEN – Pour l’ancien directeur général de l’OMC, l’enjeu du Brexit est autant politique qu’économique. Plus le Royaume-Uni divergera des normes européennes, plus cela lui coûtera. Par Anne Rovan Pascal Lamy est l’ancien directeur général de l’OMC. Il est président émérite de l’Institut Jacques-Delors. LE FIGARO.- Le Royaume-Uni quitte jeudi soir, à minuit, le giron de […]

UK and EU agree historic Brexit trade deal

Accord will guarantee tariff-free trade on most goods and create a platform for future co-operation George Parker in London and Jim Brunsden in Brussels  7 MINUTES AGO George Parker in London and Jim Brunsden in Brussels 7 MINUTES AGO 20 Print this page Britain and the EU have sealed a Christmas trade deal, securing a new economic and […]

Good Morning Business – Jeudi 24 décembre 2020

Pascal Lamy est intervenu dans Good Morning Business sur BFM Business le jeudi 24 décembre 2020 pour analyser les derniers rebondissements du Brexit. Intervention à la 1’19’43 de la vidéo (lien sur le site de BFM Business).