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Union européenne : vous avez dit souveraineté ?

Jusqu’à une date récente, la question de la place de l’Europe dans le monde ne figurait pas parmi les classiques de la pensée de l’intégration européenne. La raison fondamentale en était que l’Europe institutionnelle dans sa version des années 1950 était le produit d’un cauchemar : l’annihilation de la civilisation par la guerre. L’Europe, au […]

Global trade’s bright (green) future

PARIS — Most discussions of trade nowadays inevitably feature the words “war”, “tariff”, or “Trump”. But look beyond the headlines and you will see the foundations of a more collaborative, healthy and sustainable world trade system emerging. The global shipping industry, which carries 90 per cent of all global trade by volume, has started to […]

‘The History of the European Union: Constructing Utopia’ published

Pascal Lamy was one of the contributors of this collective work edited by Giuliano Amato, Enzo Moavero-Milanesi, Gianfranco Pasquino and Lucrezia Reichlin. His chapter entitled ‘The Common Commercial Policy: Efficiency and Legitimacy” is concerned with European foreign trade policy and the Common Commercial Policy (CCP).

Pascal Lamy; Chair of the Paris Peace Forum Steering Committee thinks Polylateral Governance is the way forward

We have a growing global governance deficit. On the one side exists rising global challenges (such as climate change or cybersecurity), on the other remains decreasing international cooperation and threats to multilateralism. Not that global governance should be thought of as a global version of local governance. It is inevitably much more difficult than local […]

Prioritising People and Planet – A New Agenda for Global Progress

Never before in human history has the pace of change been so rapid. The nexus of new scientific advances, technological leaps, digitalisation, major demographic changes, and an intensifying globalisation, is impacting our lives with unprecedented force…

EC Report – Investing in the European future we want

Report of the independent High Level Group on maximising the impact of EU Research & Innovation Programmes.