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ECFR – An open letter to European leaders

President Trump’s executive order on immigration is an assault on Europe’s interests and values. It condemns entire nations and prevents refugees who have committed no crime from finding safety, making an international response to the refugee crisis all the harder. It also risks setting back co-operation on terrorism while stimulating Isis’s recruitment. We call on the […]

High Level Group on maximising impact of EU Research and Innovation Programmes

The European Commission has set up a High Level Group of experts who will advise on how to maximise the impact of the EU’s investment in research and innovation. The group will be chaired by Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute. It consists of 12 personalities appointed in a personal capacity. Over […]

Université du Luxembourg – Entretien avec Pascal Lamy

Le 2 février 2017, un entretien avec Pascal Lamy a été réalisé par Dr Susana Muñoz et Dr Hicham Rassafi-Guibal dans le cadre du projet “Resources on the European Socio-Economic Model” (RESuME). L’entretien a eu lieu à Paris au siège de l’Institut Jacques Delors, dont Pascal Lamy est président emeritus. Lors de l’entretien, Pascal Lamy […]

Public Sénat – Le Tournant

Synopsis : L’arrivée au pouvoir de François Mitterrand, en mai 1981, est accompagnée de nombreuses mesures fortes. Mais, rapidement, le franc est attaqué et la situation économique se dégrade. Il faut faire un choix, qui oppose deux courants de la gauche alors au pouvoir, les «idéalistes» et les «réalistes». Finalement, en mars 1983, c’est la […]

Foreword to in search of Europeans: The road of identity and myth

Perhaps we at the Jacques Delors Institute, which at the time was called “Notre Europe”, had realised earlier than others that the dream of the founding fathers of the 1950s would not come true, at least not as they had envisaged it. They had placed too much hope on alchemy, as if the leaden process of economic integration based […]

Tribune – The EU and our collective security: stronger together!

The people of Europe are facing a multi-faceted security challenge that they need to confront together now more than ever before, whatever the outcome of the British referendum. They need to place their “collective security” at the very heart of the European construction, underlining their recent progress in the field but also framing it within […]