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Foreword to in search of Europeans: The road of identity and myth

Perhaps we at the Jacques Delors Institute, which at the time was called “Notre Europe”, had realised earlier than others that the dream of the founding fathers of the 1950s would not come true, at least not as they had envisaged it. They had placed too much hope on alchemy, as if the leaden process of economic integration based […]

Tribune – The EU and our collective security: stronger together!

The people of Europe are facing a multi-faceted security challenge that they need to confront together now more than ever before, whatever the outcome of the British referendum. They need to place their “collective security” at the very heart of the European construction, underlining their recent progress in the field but also framing it within […]

Report on the Equitable Access Initiative

For two decades, the World Bank has classified countries as low-, middle- or high-income based on Gross National Income (GNI) per capita. As a standardised and simple proxy for factors such as wealth, the capacity of governments to provide services to their citizens, and national levels of development, GNI has been an influential yardstick to […]

Plaidoyer en faveur d’une « économie de marché responsable »

Quinze personnalités, parmi lesquelles Christine Lagarde, Martin Hirsch et Pascal Lamy, estiment qu’il est essentiel de rompre avec le capitalisme financier fondé sur une maximisation folle du profit. Collectif Le consensus est de plus en plus fort : la financiarisation du capitalisme est une erreur. Ce consensus, appuyé par les efforts toujours plus nombreux de […]

Foreword to China’s belt and Road Initiative and the Baltic Sea Region – An entrepreneurial Perspective

Trade and investment are at the core of China-Europe relationship and China’s New Silk Road initiative adds new a new dimension to the interaction between the two partners.

Tribune: Globalisation ethics

This Tribune is based on Pascal Lamy’s speech on 18 April 2016, at the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, within the cycle of conferences of the Fondation “Éthique et Économie”. It is based on the following elements: 1. The two major schools of universal moral law 2. The need for global ethics 3. The […]