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Lamy’s speech at UBC, “Is globalisation doomed?”

University of British Columbia (Vancouver) school of public policy and global affairs “Is globalisation doomed?” Lecture Pascal Lamy, October 30th 2019 Globalisation has been the main transformation of the world for several decades. What I call globalisation for the purpose of this discussion is a phase, among past and future phases, of capitalism. A phase […]

Keynote speech of Pascal Lamy at the Opening Day of the T4SD Forum in Geneva

Mr. Lamy took the stand as special high-level keynote speaker on Opening Day of the Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) Forum on 7 October 2019 at ITC Headquarters in Geneva. It was an ideal opportunity to reflect on the state of trade and multilateralism, and the complexities of greening trade.  

“nos océans et nous”

                                      Association des Pays et Territoires d’Outre-Mer (OCTA)                                                               Bruxelles 16  octobre 2019                                                      speech Pascal Lamy: “nos océans et nous”   Monsieur le Président, Mesdames et messieurs les  Premiers Ministres, Mesdames, Messieurs, Un mot d’abord pour vous remercier de m’avoir convié à vos travaux, que vous avez décidé de consacrer cette année aux enjeux […]

Colloque Interaxions

Conflits commerciaux: contexte géoéconomique et géopolitique Nous traversons une période de turbulences en matière d’ouverture des échanges internationaux ; remarquez que je ne dis pas en « matière de libre-échange », parce que c’est une expression que j’ai banni de mon vocabulaire il y a trente ans car cette expression ne veut rien dire de concret. Le « libre-échange » […]

Friends of Europe annual seminar: session on innovation

We need a “decarb war room” The substance of my point is that we probably have to move way beyond where we are in our European narrative on innovation. The classical narrative –and we all know it by heart- is that we have an innovation deficit, compared to our competitors (US, China, Korea, Japan) notably […]

“African Voices” Conference Series

Africa-Europe: State of Play and Prospects Thank you, Minister de Charette, for having invited me to introduce this exchange on a subject that, for a long time, was reserved for a few specialists but whose relevance is gradually proving to concern us all, whether Europe or Africa, whether for good or less good reasons. It […]