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Opening Address of the Forum of the Sea-Bizerte

His Excellency, the Governor, His Worship, the Mayor, Honourable Ministers, Representatives of the European Union and the Union for the Mediterranean, Dear Olivier, Dear Rym, Dear Mehdi Ladies and gentlemen, Dear friends,   My remarks this morning will be devoted to addressing the major issues that concern the friends of the sea and oceans, of […]

Pascal Lamy : “the UK politicians who seek to deliver Brexit face a choice. They can ‘unplug’ or they can ‘unscramble’.”

For Stanley Johnson, former MEP and parliamentary candidate, “Pascal Lamy’s recent speech at to a packed meeting organized by the Henry Jackson Society in Committee Room 9 in the House of Commons, chaired by Suella Braverman, was both invigorating and illuminating.”   Read his full article here.

Forum Nimois Charles Gide – 18 avril 2019 – Mondialisation, trop ou pas assez ?

CCG speech series: Pascal Lamy —— WTO Reform and the Multilateral Trading System

On March 25th, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) held a roundtable seminar entitled “WTO Reform and the Future of the Multilateral Trading System” at its Beijing headquarters. Former Director-General of the WTO and President of the Executive Committee of the Paris Peace Forum delivered a keynote speech and discussed the current crisis surrounding […]

« Trump, Brexit, globalisation in crisis? » Association des Centraliens

Paris, France, 24 April 2018 : Although recent developments have challenged the established liberal consensus on globalisation, this process is set to continue due to the technological forces underpinning its evolution. While there is rising political opposition in light of increased inequality, undoing the current levels of economic integration will not be easy and strictly […]

China Development Forum Beijing, Keynote speech Pascal Lamy – Plenary Session

Beijing, China, 24 March 2018 : “Most of us in this room have believed for a long time that, wherever we are on this planet, economic development leads to appease political tensions. That good economies and good politics go together. And now, looking at recent developments, there are reasons to doubt that this remains true: […]