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The Future of the World Ocean: The Economy and Environmental Issues

The online discussion on the environmental threats to the World Ocean will be held on 8 June 2020 in honour of World Oceans Day with former Director-General of the World Trade Organization (2005–2013) Pascal Lamy. More information:

Digital sovereignty in the age of pandemics

24 April 2020 | 14:00 INVITATION  –  LIVE DEBATE with Margrethe Vestager & Pascal Lamy VENUE :  Live-streamed on YouTube and on CERRE wepage. Positioning Europe as a trusted digital leader is one of the European Commission’s top priorities. With the COVID-19 outbreak, and potentially more crises of a similar nature in the future, this issue and more […]

Introduction by Pascal Lamy at the PEEC International Seminar in Papeete (20th to 22nd January 2020)

How to fight the negative impact of tourism in high density tourist zones I will be speaking not only in my PEEC capacity, but also as Chair of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics, which sits by the UNWTO in Madrid. The purpose of this committee is to advocate, monitor, interpret and apply what used […]

Introduction de Pascal Lamy au Séminaire international du PEEC à Papeete (20-21 janvier 2020)

Le retour des îles Je voudrais saisir cette occasion pour vous présenter quelques considérations qui guident l’approche à long terme du PEEC France et de son programme de travail, dont notre séminaire est une illustration. Une des caractéristiques de notre participation à cette matrice intellectuelle de l’Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) qu’est le PEEC tient à […]

Lamy’s speech at UBC, “Is globalisation doomed?”

University of British Columbia (Vancouver) school of public policy and global affairs “Is globalisation doomed?” Lecture Pascal Lamy, October 30th 2019 Globalisation has been the main transformation of the world for several decades. What I call globalisation for the purpose of this discussion is a phase, among past and future phases, of capitalism. A phase […]

Keynote speech of Pascal Lamy at the Opening Day of the T4SD Forum in Geneva

Mr. Lamy took the stand as special high-level keynote speaker on Opening Day of the Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) Forum on 7 October 2019 at ITC Headquarters in Geneva. It was an ideal opportunity to reflect on the state of trade and multilateralism, and the complexities of greening trade.