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Friends of Europe annual seminar: session on innovation

We need a “decarb war room” The substance of my point is that we probably have to move way beyond where we are in our European narrative on innovation. The classical narrative –and we all know it by heart- is that we have an innovation deficit, compared to our competitors (US, China, Korea, Japan) notably […]

“African Voices” Conference Series

Africa-Europe: State of Play and Prospects Thank you, Minister de Charette, for having invited me to introduce this exchange on a subject that, for a long time, was reserved for a few specialists but whose relevance is gradually proving to concern us all, whether Europe or Africa, whether for good or less good reasons. It […]


L’Union Européenne dans le monde d’aujourd’hui Jusqu’à une date récente, la question de la place de l’Europe dans le monde n’a jamais vraiment figuré parmi les classiques de la pensée de l’intégration européenne, avec quelques exceptions. La raison fondamentale c’est que l’Europe institutionnelle dans sa version des années ‘50, celle qui a fondé l’Europe dans […]

Opening Address of the Forum of the Sea-Bizerte

His Excellency, the Governor, His Worship, the Mayor, Honourable Ministers, Representatives of the European Union and the Union for the Mediterranean, Dear Olivier, Dear Rym, Dear Mehdi Ladies and gentlemen, Dear friends,   My remarks this morning will be devoted to addressing the major issues that concern the friends of the sea and oceans, of […]

Pascal Lamy : “the UK politicians who seek to deliver Brexit face a choice. They can ‘unplug’ or they can ‘unscramble’.”

For Stanley Johnson, former MEP and parliamentary candidate, “Pascal Lamy’s recent speech at to a packed meeting organized by the Henry Jackson Society in Committee Room 9 in the House of Commons, chaired by Suella Braverman, was both invigorating and illuminating.”   Read his full article here.

Forum Nimois Charles Gide – 18 avril 2019 – Mondialisation, trop ou pas assez ?