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Free traders buckle up for the French:

Politico Morning Trade – Slovenia is still gearing up to take over the rotating Council of the EU presidency on Thursday, but some trade diplomats are already starting to worry about who comes next: the French. What are they worried about? More liberal and open trade-minded countries are worried in particular that come January 2022 […]

Analysis: EU industry hands Brussels headache over carbon border levy

Kate Abnett BRUSSELS, June 22 (Reuters) – Brussels policymakers, about to unveil the world’s first carbon border levy, are caught between industry demands to twin it with free carbon permits worth billions of euros, and analysts’ warnings that doing so could expose the EU to legal challenges at the WTO. As part of a package […]


KAKO SE BO SLOVENIJA ZNAŠLA med svojim šestmesecnim predsedovanjem Evropski uniji, ni veliko v p rašanje zgolj zaradi iliberalnih trendov v naši držav i in nepredvidljivega predsednika vlade, temvec tudi zaradi kompleksnega obdobja gospodarske obnove in iskanja evropske umešcenosti v mocno spremenjenih mednarodnih odnosih. Na prihajajoce obdobje je mogoce pogledati tudi iz drugega zornega kota: […]

Transition to a greener economy needs to accelerate – but how?

Key pressure facing businesses and governments is the pace of required action Cliff Taylor The potential economic cost of climate warming is by now undeniable. The lack of sufficiently rapid action internationally to deal with this may in part reflect the fact that the worst risks are some way off. But part of the problem […]

Carbon border tax would be a climate change ‘persuader’

Common feature of all proposals is a substantial tax on emissions from fossil fuels John FitzGerald Climate change is a policy challenge unlike most others, because success will require a global effort in a sphere which will bring significant upfront costs for each economy. And, although the world will benefit in the future from concerted policy […]

Pascal Lamy, a former WTO boss and EU commissioner, lays out his views to Morning Trade on vaccines and the push to waive intellectual property rights.

IP WAIVER PROPOSAL DISTRACTS FROM US VACCINE NATIONALISM, FORMER WTO CHIEF SAYS: Washington’s support for lifting intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines could be a smart way to move the spotlight away from American vaccine nationalism, according to former World Trade Organization chief and EU trade commissioner Pascal Lamy. It is “difficult to assess the impact in […]