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« En Afrique, les investisseurs exigent une rentabilité plus élevée qu’ailleurs »

Pascal Lamy, spokesperson for the Mo Ibrahim Foundation commented the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG). The Foundation published its yearly bulletin which presents data collected on African governance. “Le principal enseignement, c’est qu’en règle générale, l’amélioration de la gouvernance se poursuit lentement.” Read the article here :

Pascal Lamy; Chair of the Paris Peace Forum Steering Committee thinks Polylateral Governance is the way forward

We have a growing global governance deficit. On the one side exists rising global challenges (such as climate change or cybersecurity), on the other remains decreasing international cooperation and threats to multilateralism. Not that global governance should be thought of as a global version of local governance. It is inevitably much more difficult than local […]

Pascal Lamy at the 12th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference in Paris

Pascal Lamy intervened at the 12th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference on “Trade and Investment Ecosystems: Delivering for Growth” with a focus on how an ecosystem approach could add value for small businesses and the implications this approach would have for the future direction of TIPOs.

A rules based, open, globalisation is still worth fighting for

“At a time when globalisation is under attack, Pascal Lamy exposes why Peter Sutherland was, and still is, right in promoting a rules based open international system.”

“WTO reform is now on the table”

Invited on CNBC, Pascal Lamy, president emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute and former WTO director, discussed international trade and current commercial restrictions between China and the United States. He argues the WTO needs urgent reforms and should prepare for life without the U.S.  

Donald Trump’s trade policy, trade relations with China and the Brexit deal

Pascal Lamy, president emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute and former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), was invited on “Paris Direct” on France 24. He questioned Donald Trump’s strategy regarding international trade policy : deglobalisation or disruptive stratagem ? Is his approach to China valid ? Concerning Brexit, this former European commissioner is […]