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“By tradition, by history, by culture, by philosophy, the model of the way of life in Europe is better for people, better for nature.” “It’s a question of whether we have the three ingredients of global influence: namely weight, ambition and know-how.” — Pascal Lamy At a time of Brexit, political uncertainties in many continental […]

Paris Peace Forum

Paris Peace Forum: Everything you need to know about the third edition

A new digital experience  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic’s resurgence, the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum will be held in digital format. A unique platform, specifically designed to replicate the physical experience and enable a full event to be held in times of pandemic, will allow more than 10,000 participants to take part […]

Ensuring Global Ethics of Tourism after COVID-19

World Committee on Tourism Ethics The World Committee on Tourism Ethics (WCTE) met remotely on 5 June 2020 for a special session on COVID-19 and Tourism with the attendance of all Members and alternates. After deliberations, the following Statement was agreed: Statement of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic […]

« En dépit de son importance croissante, le culturel n’a pas suffisamment été pensé comme un écosystème »

Des grands architectes, des chefs étoilés, des Prix Nobel d’économie et des responsables politiques et économiques lancent dans plusieurs journaux, dont « Le Monde », un appel international en faveur d’une renaissance culturelle de l’économie. Par Collectif Tribune. La crise et les restrictions qu’elle impose ont accentué l’importance que chacun d’entre nous accorde à l’environnement proximal. Parallèlement, […]

Tiroler Tageszeitung – “TTIP is not over”

TTIP is not over. Former EU trade commissioner and director-general of WTO, Pascal Lamy, continues to believe in TTIP despite public resistance.