According to Pascal Lamy, “reinstalling borders is costly and the fundamental equation of Brexit is how do we exit politically as much as possible but economically as little as possible.” However, the British government would have no say over new trade deals if it was in a customs union with the European Union. He adds that participation in […]

-En un año marcado por la disputa arancelaria, ¿cómo ve la economía global? “A la economía mundial no le va mal. Simplemente estamos cerca del final del ciclo de un buen crecimiento. El comercio internacional tampoco va mal, a pesar de que el sistema que regula el comercio está bajo presión por la ofensiva de […]

According to Pascal Lamy,  remaining in the customs union “implies a degree of homogeneity within the customs union on what the purposes of a trade policy are, which would mean the UK’s economic system would remain aligned with the EU economic system, which is precisely what the Brexiteers don’t want.” Read the article here : […]

Pascal Lamy was one of the contributors of this collective work edited by Giuliano Amato, Enzo Moavero-Milanesi, Gianfranco Pasquino and Lucrezia Reichlin. His chapter entitled ‘The Common Commercial Policy: Efficiency and Legitimacy” is concerned with European foreign trade policy and the Common Commercial Policy (CCP).

“Vous souvenez-vous de Pascal Lamy, ancien commissaire européen au Commerce avant d’être élu directeur de l’OMC, qui avait parlé d’organisation archaïque? Apparemment, rien n’a changé. Le diagnostic qu’il avait posé il y a quinze ans est encore valable. C’est une organisation qui a beaucoup de mal à se moderniser et à adopter des règles pour […]